1. Addressing

    Information on addresses in Pitkin County

  2. Airport

    No other mountain-resort airport offers the services, convenience, and close proximity to the downhill action as does the Aspen / Pitkin County Airport.

  3. Alerts

    View announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you / your phone through email or text message.

  4. Animal Safety

    The Animal Safety Department provides service and protection to all persons within unincorporated Pitkin County with regards to animal issues.

  5. Birth & Death Records

    Colorado Department of Health has records from 1910 to present. You may obtain copies of birth and death records online, in person, by fax or mail.

  6. Building Inspections

    View an overview of inspections and a list of inspection types.

  7. Building Permits

    View permit forms, checklists and requirements.

  8. Civil Union Licenses

    Effective May 1, 2013, Civil Union Licenses became available in Colorado.

  9. Community Development Forms

    View and/or complete a form to request a building inspection from the Community Development Department's Building Division staff.

  10. Community Relations

    The Pitkin County Community Relations Department serves as a liaison between the community and county government.

  11. Community Safety

    In keeping with our philosophy of assisting the community in our mutual pursuit of a peaceful, safe and healthy environment, the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office offers several community programs.

  12. Emergency Management

    The purpose of the emergency manager is to support the Pitkin County Sheriff's responsibility as the county's designated emergency response agency in coordination with the public safety council, whose mission is to promote public safety and emergency response in our communities.

  13. Employment Opportunities

    Discover all of the job openings that exist within your county.

  14. Financial Assistance

    Access information about the financial assistance programs available to you as a resident of Pitkin County.

  15. GIS / Mapping

    The City of Aspen / Pitkin County Geographical Information System (GIS) Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the area’s spatial database and provides mapping, analysis and data export services to citizens, businesses and visitors.

  16. Human Services

    Health and Human Services departments work together advocating health and wellness and providing responsive programs for the benefit of our entire community.

  17. Housing Authority

    The Housing Authority exists to create a balanced community representative of the various types of people that live, work and retire in the area.

  18. Landfill

    We at the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center seek to conserve our environment and extend the life of our landfill by reducing source generation through public education, appropriately reusing materials through aggregate and compost diversion and sales and recycling and reusing valuable commodities with state of the art collection programs.

  19. Land Management

    The Land Management Department works to ensure Pitkin County's compliance with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act by implementing the Pitkin County Weed Management Plan and providing outreach services to county landowners.

  20. Online Payments

    Make online bill payments or other purchases.

  21. Library

    The mission of the Pitkin County Library is to serve the community and to encourage education by providing public access to an evolving collection of information and by serving as a repository of local resources.

  22. Marijuana Licenses

    Find licensing regulations as well as applications and checklists.

  23. Marriage Licenses

    Getting married? Colorado makes it very easy to obtain a license and get married in our beautiful state.

  24. Motor Vehicle

    Find helpful topics associated with motor vehicles such as registration, license plate, temporary permits, and more.

  25. Noxious Weed Management

    Public outreach is the most effective way to teach and ensure healthy land management practices, so we have put together a few helpful services to help you comply with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act.

  26. Planning & Zoning

    Access information on fees, codes, policies and other planning and zoning resources for the county.

  27. Records Search

    Browse through a list of documents you can search for using our online search tool.

  28. Road & Bridge Maintenance

    The Transportation and Road and Bridge Department manages and maintains the structural and functional needs of county infrastructure, including roads, bridges and drainage structures.

  29. Senior Services

    Pitkin County Senior Services offers a variety of activities and services for residents and guests of our community age 60 and over.

  30. Sheriff

    Learn about our new text-to-911 services and news from the Sheriff's Office.

  31. Social Services

    Health and Human Services departments work together advocating health and wellness and providing responsive programs for the benefit of our entire community.

  32. TV / FM Translator Services

    TV / FM Translator Services has 8 mountain top translators that allows residents in the area to receive basic television at no charge.

  33. Wastewater Treatment

    View information about wastewater treatment in Pitkin County.