Board of Health


  • Quarterly and Special Sessions (subject to change)

About the Board

The Pitkin County Board of Health is the governing body of the Pitkin County Public Health Agency. The Board consists of seven volunteer Pitkin County residents, appointed by the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners to serve five-year terms. Board members will be required to attend quarterly meetings (subject to change) and special sessions. The Board of Health observes their authority which rests in accordance with the powers and duties set forth in the Colorado Public Health Act of 2008 (Colorado Revised Statutes [C.R.S.] Section §25-1-508). The local Board of Health fulfills the objectives of the Board, which are to promote and protect public health and environmental quality in the community through people, prevention and partnerships.

Staff liaison:  Karen Koenemann, Public Health Director  970-429-6171

BoH 1.24.20

Members of the Pitkin County Board of Health include:

  • Markey Butler (Chair)
  • Greg Poschman (Vice-chair) 
  • Tom Kurt 
  • Brent Miller
  • Torre
  • Linda Vieira 
  • Jeannie Seybold


  • Ann Mullins
  • Bill Madsen
  • Patti Clapper
  • Christa Gieszl

Medical Officer: 

  • Dr. Kim Levin