Health Impact Assessment: Phillips Mobile Home Park

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool that can help identify how a plan, project, or policy may affect a community’s health. HIAs can provide communities and key decision makers with practical recommendations to increase positive impacts on health and minimize negative impacts on health. 

In 2018, Pitkin County agreed to purchase the Philips Mobile Home Park property and maintain it as affordable housing, after the previous owners were no longer able to maintain the property and decided to sell it. An HIA, including hearing from current residents about their quality of life and what they would like to maintain or change, is currently being conducted to ensure the planning process is structured to improve public health through community design. 

Pitkin County Public Health has been integrally involved with this process because housing and health are intimately connected. Key public health issues being discussed with Philips Mobile Home Park residents include: reliable and clean drinking water, a safe septic system, energy efficiency, and wildfire planning and mitigation. Through cross-sector collaborations and critical partnerships with residents, promising results can be achieved for addressing health and housing.


Click here to view the West Mountain Regional Health Alliance's Housing Instability Study 2018 report.  

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