Get Help Quitting

Thinking about quitting? Ready to quit? Just want some information? Or want to help someone else? Quitting is a journey, so get prepared with someone that can support you (a friend, a loved one, or a professional like a QuitLine counselor) plus some tools (i.e., a personal quitting plan, what to do when you're having withdrawal symptoms, or nicotine replacement therapy/other medications). See the resources below.

Support for EVERYONE 

TobaccoFreeCO & Other Comprehensive Resources

Find information and resources about tobacco use, nicotine addiction and quitting on TobaccoFreeCO. There's information there for everyone. 

Another comprehensive resource is with general support as well as specific programs including SmokeFreeVet, SmokeFreeTeen, SmokeFreeWomen, and SmokeFree60+.

CO QuitLine

The Colorado QuitLine offers cessation support (even if you're just thinking about it) to anyone in DIQ_300x250_Couple_Nothing_Chew Opens in new windowColorado. 

  • CO QuitLine services are free and confidential.
  • Services can be accessed by calling OR just by texting or their online platform. Enrollment is quick and easy on their online page or by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW. 
  • CO QuitLine can send you up to 3 months of nicotine replacement therapy for free (for eligible clients). 
  • For Young People - the CO QuitLine can be accessed by anyone 12 years old or older without parental consent
  • QuitLine services are available in English or en Espanol - Llame al 1-855-DÉJELO-YA (1-855-335-3569) o Inscríbase ahora.

Apps for Quitting

There are several apps available for your smartphone. Choose the one that is best for you. There are also online/app based quitting commuquitline youth Opens in new windownities - Become an Ex is a collaboration between the Truth Initiative and the Mayo Clinic. 

Young People Trying to Quit Nicotine, Tobacco, and/or Vaping 

There's a QuitLine just for you! Check it out here

This fact sheet from TobaccoFreeCO explains what resources are available for youth. 

Also check out #ThisIsQuitting text service - just text DITCHJUUL to 88709.

Insurance Coverage for Quitting

Many counseling services and products (i.e., nicotine replacement therapy like gum and the patch) are covered by all insurance under the law. Tobacco Cessation Treatment: What is Covered? from the American Lung Association explains what you are eligible for in detail. 

Local Support

Want to find out what's available locally? See the resources in this section.

  • Baby & Me Tobacco Free - for women and their partners who are pregnant or breastfeeding Contact your local primary care provider today and ask them to refer you to the Baby & Me telehealth cessation program 
  • Veterans Services - Pitkin County veterans can reach out to the Veteran's Services Officer to connect to resources. 
  • Local Tobacco Cessation program - Valley View Hospital offers a low-cost, group and individual tobacco cessation program using the personalized "Quit Smart" program. Contact information on their website (see the link).
  • Your Local Pharmacy & NRT - local pharmacists can provide nicotine replacement therapy without a doctor's visit (including for Medicaid customers) - see this article. Just check with your local pharmacist.  
  • CO QuitLine and cessation support apps - Local? What about in the palm of your hand or the comfort of your home? Remember that the CO QuitLine is just a call or text away and works with your schedule. There are also apps. See above section for more information. 
  • Aspen Strong - Aspen Strong offers connection to local resources and local events, as well as their Provider Directory for finding a therapist or other support in the region. 
  • For Parents- many of the schools in the Roaring Fork Valley offer support for youth who are using tobacco or nicotine, or they can help you to connect to resources. Youth Zone is also a way to get extra support for the young person in your life including therapy.
  • Employees of Pitkin County - if you're employed by Pitkin County, there are resources for you on the Pitkin County IntraNet. For more information, contact the Pitkin County Wellness Specialist by email or call 970-429-6133.
  • Health and behavioral health providers - if you have questions or want more resources, reach out to Pitkin County's Tobacco Specialist (see information at the bottom of this page).