Community Development Redacted Files

Redacted Files

If you are in need of records housed in Pitkin County’s Community Development Department, please complete the form below with specifics on the records requested. In the case of redacted files, a signature from the owner is required and must be provided prior to the release of any un-redacted files (see request form). Failure to provide the proper documentation can delay your request.  Please allow up to three business days for the processing of your request. If the records exist in a voluminous state or in various locations, then the fulfillment of the request may take longer than the three business days and written estimation of the time needed will be provided.

Please view our informational sheet regarding ComDev files and the various ways you can access them.

For any request of staff to compile the files, per House Bill 14-1193, the County establishes a fee of $30 per hour for research and retrieval time to gather public documents associated with a request. Payment must be received prior to the release of any records. In the case of physical copies requested, please review the below-provided fees.

8.5” x 11” pages – $0.25 per page

11” x 17” pages - $0.25 per page

24” x 36” pages - $5.00 per page

Admin Hourly Rate $30.00 

Please use this method to request redacted building files for a property you do not own. You will need to enter the owner information below, failure to provide correct information will delay your request. You can find the owner of a property on the Pitkin County Assessor siteIf the property is owned by an LLC, you will need to provide a notarized statement of authority from the authorized agent to release redacted building files. 

Please use this method to request redacted building files for a property you do own. Please fill out your information below and you will be prompted by DocuSign to complete your request submission. A Statement of Authority from the authorized agent MUST be provided if the property is owned by an LLC.