Upper/Lower Castle Creek Events Calendar

The intent of this Calendar is to facilitate scheduling and coordination of events in the Castle Creek Valley; to provide a tool for recording and reviewing what, when, where and by whom, events have been scheduled.

Please note the following:

  • This Calendar will not circumvent the need to get special event permits when permits are required from Pitkin County and/or the Aspen/Sopris District of the White River National Forest. 
  • No individual or agency will be in charge of managing the calendar.  Each party with whom calendar permissions have been shared, will be responsible for adding their own events, and communicating with each other if there is a conflict or details that need to be worked out. 

Please use the following protocol to facilitate effective use of the Calendar:

  • Please first view Pitkin County Special Events Calendar at the bottom of the webpage: https://pitkincounty.com/1097/Special-Events. If there are issues associated with events that have received permits from Pitkin County: Community Development (ComDev), United States Forest Service (USFS), or Open Space & Trails (OST) please contact Halene Burklow (ComDev) at halene.burklow@pitkincounty.com,Kelly Woods (USFS,) at Kelly.wood@usda.gov, or Janet Urquhart (OST) at janet.urquhart@pitkincounty.com.
  • When adding an event, include your contact information, your company/dept. name, event name, location and time.
    • Time should include: setup, event start/finish, dismantle
  •  Do not delete an event unless it is your own; If you want to schedule something during a time or day when another event is scheduled, contact whomever has scheduled the event or activity to see if issues can be resolved.  If not, schedule your event on a different date or time.