Growth Management Public Outreach

Vision Statement:
Utilize growth management and the Land-Use Code to create an equitable, sustainable and resilient regional quality of life and economy for the future, and to meet our climate action objectives. 
Are you interested in participating in growth management planning through the lens of Climate Action? We need your voice!
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The County is reviewing the implications of growth, intensity and climate change relating to its codes of governance and actions. A public outreach group consisting of the development community, students, and interested citizens of Pitkin County is being convened to meet weekly to discuss the implications of growth, land-use patterns, the impacts of intensity of development, and climate change. The ultimate objective of this group is to  provide community input and recommendations to inform future actions to be taken by Pitkin County on these items. Click on the topic tabs below to see related information. 
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  2. TDRs
  3. Community Benefits & GMQS
  4. Growth/Square Footage
  5. Intensity & Impacts
  6. Climate Change
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Until such time as physical meetings can be safely done given the pandemic, all  meetings will be done virtually. Any and all are invited to participate in the virtual meeting.


Citizen Input:
Click on the following names to see the input from other participants and valley residents
Langdon Dresser
Kimberlee Coates
Nyala Honey
Bill Stirling
Sarah Garten
Suzanne Caskey
Jeffrey Woodruff
Meg Haynes
Tim Mooney

All Meeting Recordings and Other Related Videos Can Be Seen at the Growth Management Public Outreach YouTube Channel!

Cindy Houben – Community Development Director


Ellen Sassano - Senior Long Range Planner


Alex Sanchez - Community Development Analyst