Permit Application and Tracking System (PATS) 

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Welcome to the new PATS - Permit Application & Tracking System home page. This system will allow for a one-stop-shop to submit a permit or application to our Building, Planning, or Environmental Health department. More information will continue to appear on this page, like account registration help or workshop sign up. Those links are below and we encourage the public to begin applying so we can schedule accordingly. 

PATS - Permit Application & Tracking System powered by “SagesGOV” is a standardized, paperless permit process, with permit information more readily accessible throughout the lifecycle of a project. PATS allows for email and online communication among the general public, the development community, and staff which can result in higher-quality permit application submissions and plan review. 

Citizens and contractors will create a secure account on the online portal in order to submit plans and communicate with staff and receive notifications throughout the review process.  

Important Dates

  • Pitkin will host virtual Account Setup 5/18, 5/19, and 5/20. These will be brief 30-minute virtual meetings, where staff will be available to help get you set up in the new system. We will also have a how-to set up an account document and video to watch.

  • Pitkin will host virtual Workshops on 5/20, 5/21, 5/22, and the week of 5/25 - 5/29. These workshops will go over the submission of permits or planning applications in PATS. Staff will walk through the submission of a project and show it to the group. There will be time to go over questions asked and submitted during the presentation.

    • Sign up for Workshops Here - Please note you must have an account created in order to follow.

    • We will teach you how to submit a permit/application on the new portal.

    • Staff will be available to discuss the navigation features or any other questions you may have.

    • After you have attended a workshop, staff will follow up and offer a one-on-one session to address any other questions you may have of PATS.