Planning Applications and Permit Types

All Planning Applications, Permits, Short Term Rental Licenses, and Complaints are processed through Sages, our online permit & application tracking system (PATS). Please click on the sections below to expand the menu for more information on each application and permit type available. You must create an account in Sages before submitting an application, please follow this link - Once you've created an account, and selected what type of application or permit you wish to submit, Sages will prompt you to add contact and location information, scope of work, upload supporting documents, etc. The information you enter is saved each time you click "save and continue" at the bottom of the page. If you are not ready to submit you can leave the application and when you log back into your account the unsubmitted application will be on your dashboard. Once the application is submitted it is reviewed for completeness and when ready routed to the appropriate staff and referral agencies for review. Planning Applications and Building Permits require certain fees to be paid at intake and you will receive a notification if applicable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your submission please let us know at

Request a Planning Pre-Application Conference Request to discuss your development project with a planner. A planner will provide a Pre-application Conference Summary that details land use application requirements. Alternatively, if your development is determined to be exempt, then an Exemption Letter will be provided.