Contact Stats

In July 2020, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law Senate Bill 20-217, also known as the “Law Enforcement Integrity Act,” redefining many aspects of law enforcement in Colorado such as use of force standards, and an officer's now mandated duty to report observed excessive use of force or misconduct by other officers. Among those changes was an effort to bring transparency to law enforcement contacts by requiring all POST certified peace officers to record their perceptions of the person they’re in contact with. 

Officers are required to record their perceptions of a person's race, ethnicity, age, and gender when in contact with a member of the public in situations that are officer initiated, for enforcement of the law or investigation into possible violations of a crime. 

The deputy’s contact data is collected via a mobile app that was developed in-house and is automatically entered into a database which drives the dashboard. Data on the dashboard is updated every 15 minutes. The dashboard can be filtered and sorted by the variables collected in the app to allow for the greatest amount of transparency.

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