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Title 11 Building and Construction
2015 County Building Code was adopted September 6, 2016

Pitkin County has updated its building codes with the adoption of the 2015 International Building Codes, which went into effect on September 6, 2016. 

Pitkin County as has a new Energy Code Ordinance that was adopted April 22, 2020. It is in effect as of July 22, 2020 and is Title 11 Section 11.32 of the County Code. A new REMP calculator is also published on our website below. 

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Adopted Codes

  • 2015 International Building Code  
  • 2015 International Residential Code  
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code
  • 2015 International Fuel & Gas Code
  • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
  • 2020 National Electrical Code

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