Address Services

Pitkin County is dedicated to maintaining the most correct address information for parcels and addressable structures. Incorrect physical addresses not only result in delays by emergency services (fire, ambulance, law enforcement), they impede services provided by; telephone, cable, gas, and electric providers, can add expense, and delays in delivering packages, and confusion for visitors to our community.

If you have questions or concerns about your physical address, need to obtain a new physical address, or change your current physical address please contact your addressing authority.

The municipalities within Pitkin County have addressing authority within their boundaries. Need to look up your municipality? Check out Pitkin Maps & More, our online mapping portal. 


For addressing within Unincorporated Pitkin County, use the forms below.

Need to update a mailing address with a county department? Please reach out to the appropriate department directly.

Quick Links: 

Assessors Office (for property tax mailing updates)

Clerk and Recorder (Motor Vehicle Services, Elections)

Request an Address - Online or Printed Form

  1. New Address Assignment
  2. Address  Update
  3. Address Verification or Clarification
  4. Printable Address Form
Address Signage

Address Signage is required for all addressable structures within Pitkin County. Please see the Signage Quick Reference Document for more information. 

Reference Documentation and Materials

Commonly Confused Addresses  

Need to confirm municipality or unincorporated county? Address Services has compiled a list of frequently asked about addresses in our Confusing Address Quick Reference.

If the address you are inquiring about is not listed, please visit Pitkin Maps and More and confirm via our quick online tool. 

Titled Address Standards (Address Ordinance) 

The proposed updates to the Address Standards are now in effect. Please see Title 9.08 of the Pitkin County Code for the updated text.

Street Naming Resources

Street Signage​

  • The Property Owner shall be responsible for the cost of signage resulting from New Development. Pitkin County Road & Bridge will order and install any signage required at the junction of a County Road unless the Property Owner requests to install their own signage. The Property Owner shall be responsible for the installation of signage on a private roadway.
  • The Property Owner shall be responsible for the cost and installation of signage at the junction of a private roadway. Pitkin County Road & Bridge will order (but will not install) standardized signage and hardware on behalf of any Property Owner at their request.
  • Pitkin County shall be responsible for the cost of roadway signage related to the naming of a roadway due to the correction of non-conforming areas or addresses that pre-existed the Titled Address Standards.
  • If Pitkin County initiates the re-naming of a roadway, Pitkin County shall be responsible for purchase and erection of the roadway sign.
Any questions related to Street Signage changes resulting from an Addressing Action or on private roadways should be directed to