During the foreclosure process the Public Trustee ensures that the procedures are conducted according to the Colorado State Statute (Title 38). We cannot give legal, real estate, or financial advice.

Pitkin County subscribes to GTSData for Electronic Foreclosure filing. For more information on PUSH GTS visit there website.

Foreclosure packets are submitted to the Public Trustee’s Office from the lender’s foreclosing attorney. This packet must contain all documents required by Colorado State Statute to start a foreclosure.

Notice to an Owner in Foreclosure
If your property goes to foreclosure auction sale and is purchased for more than the total owed to the lender and to all other lien holders, please contact the public trustee’s office after the sale because you may have funds due to you.
  1. Counseling
  2. Complaints
Colorado Foreclosure Hotline
A 24-hour free bilingual service offers assistance and guidance from trained professional housing counselors to homeowners on the foreclosure process and rights.

Hope Now
A free counseling service provided by the non-profit Homeownership Preservation Foundation whose mission is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.
  1. Foreclosure Packet Requirement
  2. Electronic Documents
  3. Funds for Cures / Redemptions
C.R.S. 38-38-101 and Pitkin County’s Foreclosure Packet Requirements
  • Check for the deposit of $650.00 or 1/32 of 1% of the original or outstanding principal amount, whichever is less; this deposit amount must cover the Public Trustee Fee and recording fee for the Notice of Election and Demand
  • Attorney’s Cover Letter
  • If Holder of Evidence of Debt is not a qualified holder per 38-38-100.3(20)
    • Original Recorded Deed of Trust
    • Original Recorded Modifications, endorsement or assignments, and/or partial releases
    • Original Evidence of Debt (Note)
  • If Holder of Evidence of Debt is a qualified holder per 38-38-100.3(20)
    • Certification signed and properly acknowledged citing paragraph 38-38-100.3 (20) which holder claims to be a qualified holder
    • Copy Recorded Deed of Trust
    • Copy Recorded Modifications, endorsement or assignments, and/or partial releases
    • Copy Evidence of Debt (Note)
  • Any affidavit recorded pursuant to 38-35-109 (5) affecting the deed of trust
  • Notice of Election and Demand, C.R.S. 38-38-101(4)
  • Combined Notice (optional since Pitkin County will create this notice based off information provided in the Notice of Election and Demand)
  • Mailing, C.R.S. 38-38-100.3(14)
  • Statement identifying, to the best knowledge, the name and address of the current owner of the property (can be included in the attorney’s cover letter)
  • A separate document stating if the property requires posting under section C.R.S. 38-38-802
  • A statement advising that there is a loan service, if applicable