Bonding for Title

When Is Bonding for Title Necessary

  • Owner cannot furnish proper supporting documents to the County Clerk to transfer ownership of a vehicle and have a new title issued
  • There are errors or problems with the documents that cannot be corrected
  • There is an error in the sequential number of the VIN that cannot be substantiated as a clerical error from previous records

Vehicle Requirements

  • Physically located in Colorado
  • In the possession of the applicant
  • Must be roadworthy

When Bonding for Title Cannot be Done

  • To remove a name from a title
  • When purchasing a vehicle from a Colorado dealer without proper documents, Colorado dealers are required to supply proper documents for titling.

Contact our office if you require assistance bonding for title. To get started you may wish to print a bonding guide form DR2922 (PDF), and/or view the bonding flow chart.