Homemade Trailers


A trailer that is self-assembled and does not have a vehicle identification number (VIN) and weighing less than 2000 pounds.

Title & Registration

In order to title and register the trailer, the owner of a homemade trailer must apply for a Colorado trailer identification number.

Required Documents for Issuance

  • A bill of sale for the essential materials (county motor vehicle office verifies receipts)
  • DR 2409 (PDF) - "Statement of Homemade Trailer and Assignment of Trailer I.D. Number" (found at the Colorado DMV website). Requires basic description of trailer including weight, length, width, make and other miscellaneous information such as construction materials and number of axles
  • A completed DR2704 Colorado Certified VIN Inspection
  • DR2697 (PDF) -Certification of Equipment Compliance for Homemade and In Lieu of Bond Trailers
  • A Certified weight slip may be required, which can be obtained locally from Elam Construction 


  • Registration fee varies depending on the value
  • Fee for the ID number is an additional $3.50

License Plates

Plates and registration will be issued upon receipt of the required documents and payment of the required fees.

State-Issued Title

The title will be processed and sent by the Department of Revenue.

Over 2000 Pounds

For trailers weighing over 2000 pounds, bonding is required. See the bonding procedure or contact our office.