Insurance Requirements

Colorado motorists must have auto insurance. To this end, the County Motor Vehicle Office is required to verify proof of insurance prior to registering a motor vehicle.


The proof of insurance must include:
  • The effective dates of coverage
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • The make and year of the vehicle

Accepted Forms of Proof of Insurance (One Only)

  • An insurance card
  • An insurance binder or policy
  • The declaration page from the insurance policy
  • A letter from your insurance agent or insurer on company letterhead verifying insurance overage.
  • Insurance companies may be from another state, but must be licensed in Colorado or be authorized to do business in Colorado.

Additional Information

  • The law became effective July 1, 1999. Visit: Rule 46. Application for Registration-Proof of Insurance for more information.
  • Insurance companies are required to submit vehicle and driver information to the chosen vendor, EXPLORE, who builds and maintains an insurance identification database. The database matches vehicle registrations with current insurance records.
  • If the database matches a vehicle with insurance, the county records will show that a vehicle has insurance. If the county records show that a vehicle does not have valid insurance coverage, once we have verified proof of insurance, the county will advise you to notify your insurance agency to supply EXPLORE with the appropriate information. This is your and your agent's responsibility.
  • The address for EXPLORE is:
    Colorado Motorist Insurance Identification Program
    PO Box 173927
    Denver, CO 80217-3927