License Plates

License Plate Descriptions
To browse the plate categories and see the specific styles of plates, access to the state website.

In addition to the standard "passenger plate" (green / white), 3 other common plates we issue are:
  • Personalized passenger plate (white / green) - $60 application fee and $25 additional each year thereafter
  • Designer plate (purple mountain majesty / colorful) - $50 one-time fee with a $25 additional each year thereafter
  • Personalized designer plate (purple mountain majesty / colorful) - $85 application fee and $50 additional each year thereafter
Note that "additional" means in addition to the regular fees and taxes.

More About Personalized Plates
The personalized application forms are available in our office or can be downloaded from the state website. The applications are mailed directly to the state for approval; this process takes 10-12 weeks. Do not send money with the application. The state will send the applicant a letter of approval and request the fee at that time. The state will send the personalized plates to our office. We then contact the owner by mail to come in and register the plates.