TV/FM Translator Services

The Pitkin County TV/FM Translator maintains and operates a mountain top translator system that re-broadcasts FM radio and television signals to residents of Pitkin County and other portions of the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Maintenance and Outages:


Our new Jackrabbit Tower is now working and sending TV and FM signals to Snowmass Village and Aspen. All viewers of over the air TV should rescan their TV to accept the new broadcasts.


TV viewers off Williams Peak need to do a full channel rescan to receive stations. County had to change most of the physical channels at Williams due to FCC spectrum reallocation. This will effect viewers in Old Snowmass and Woody Creek. Happy viewing!


All residents receiving over-the-air TV should now be receiving Denver channels KWGN and KTVD on virtual channels 2-1 and 20-1, respectively.  If you are not currently seeing these channels in your televisions channel list, please perform a full over-the-air channel rescan on your television.  As these channels are newly reintroduced to the system, there may be intermittent errors or outages of these channels only. Please bear with us as we continue to improve and update the translator network.


Viewers and Listeners of TV and FM broadcasts off Williams peak be aware of an afternoon outage today. The crews are replacing some equipment and have to take down the system for a few hours. Please rescan your TV later this afternoon to get the updated signals. FM should come back without any efforts.


After a call from Holy Cross we have been informed that there will be a power outage to our Elephant tower Tuesday, August 20th from 10-2. We have back up power but this may not be enough to power everything through the entire outage. Please let us know if your system does not come back up after the proposed outage period.


The crew is currently working on restoring ABC and NBC to our translator system. The new news is that these stations will be coming from Denver instead of Grand Junction. Once the system is working viewers will need to rescan to receive these stations.


After much consideration the Telecommunications Advisory Board (TAB) will be recommending to the Board of County Commissioners to place KTUN/KQSE on both the Crown and Upper Red translator sites.
Pitkin County was notified in early 2019 that radio CMC was no longer broadcasting on their translator spaces on the Crown and Upper Red towers. After extensive debate and review TAB voted to recommend the placement of the Spanish language stations KTUN/KQSE on the 2 open tower spaces.


Currently there are problems with the 8's from our Sunlight tower. There is outside interference that the engineers are working to eliminate. No timeline is set for correcting this interference.

Williams tower is having some issues with the 3's that the engineers plan to check on Thursday, July 25.


No Easy Fix For Lower Red Mountain Translator Power Line


MEDIA CONTACT: Kara Silbernagel - Project Manager - 970-471-8870

Electricians on the scene of the powerline that feeds electricity to Pitkin County’s Lower Red Mountain Translator tower have determined that there is no easy fix for the damaged line. In fact, officials agree that the entire half-mile-long powerline must be replaced in order to get Lower Red back online. 

“The powerline is over 40 years old and has years of band-aid fixes that have contributed to its deterioration,” said Pitkin County Communications Manager, Jeff Krueger. “Multiple shorts have occurred in the wiring and we can’t determine the exact location of all of them. The only way we can restore power to Lower Red is to replace the entire length of powerline,” said Krueger. 

Officials anticipate meeting with the Forest Service to determine requirements for conducting the replacement project on U.S.F.S. property. Adjacent homeowners in Starwood must also be consulted. 

The outage is impacting TV stations that rely on the translator to rebroadcast “over-the-air” signals in mountainous terrain, including over-the-air network television in the Aspen area and GrassRoots and Community Government television (CGTV) valley-wide. The Aspen Skiing Company’s Power of Four cameras also remain off the air. Cable customers are not affected. 

The solution to restoring over-the-air TV broadcasts is to relocate broadcasts that relied on Lower Red to the Jackrabbit tower above Snowmass Village. However, the current tower at Jack Rabbit is unable to support the weight of the TV antennas required to broadcast over-the-air. 

“We have only been able to relocate the KSPN radio broadcast to Jackrabbit for now,” Krueger said. “The Jackrabbit tower is in the process of being redeveloped this summer and should be completed around Labor Day. That means we won’t be able to host GrassRoots and CGTV up there until the Jack Rabbit rebuild is completed” Krueger said.  

Cable television and online radio and television service remain available in the translator outage area. 


Good news! The 4s are functioning again from Elephant. 


We went to Sunlight today and tried to fix the 4's reception issue at Elephant, but no luck.  We got a lot farther than last time we went in the truck, it snowed this weekend up there and it was a bit sketchy, but we made it to a bit before the access gate, then snowshoed the rest of the way in.  At the top, it's probably about a 5-6ft deep snow drift on that hillside above the gate, and probably wont be melted for several weeks, sometime in July. We think there is a localized interference issue at Elephant, most likely from the repaired lower TV antenna array. We could not find any problems with the 4's broadcast at Sunlight.   

The 3's are out countywide.  From what we can see at all of our sites, the source KREG-TV  is off the air, so until they fix their problem, we can't pick it up or rebroadcast it.

We have KSPN and Snowmass Village TV working with some reconfiguring done at the Jackrabbit site. 

The Lower Red site in Aspen will be down indefinitely. A rebuild had been scheduled for summer of 2020 but it may be moved to 2021 now that a more complicated and expensive powerline is involved. Our staff is looking at how they might be able to put up a tower at Jackrabbit to broadcast back to Aspen but this could be several months away.


A malfunction in the powerline that provides power to the Lower Red translator site on Red Mountain has caused television and radio outages in the Aspen area and points down valley. The outage is impacting TV stations that rely on the translator to rebroadcast “over-the-air” signals in mountainous terrain, including GrassRoots and Community Government television valley-wide. Over-the-air radio and network television in the Aspen area is also impacted by the outage. Cable customers are not affected. 

“We are working to assess the cause of the outage and come up with solutions,” said Pitkin County Communications Site Manager, Jeff Krueger. “Our temporary solution is to use propane to power the translator site over the short term. This will only provide temporary and intermittent power to the site,” Krueger said. 

Other solutions could include repairing or replacing the half-mile-long buried power line or finding alternate translator locations nearby to provide over-the-air service in the affected areas. 

“Unfortunately, there is no quick fix,” said Krueger. “We expect electric power to Pitkin County’s translator on Lower Red to be out indefinitely. We are working diligently to find a long term solution,” Krueger said. 

Cable television and online radio and television service remain available in the translator outage area.


We are now experiencing problems with Lower Red in the Aspen area. Crews are looking into what the problem might be.


We are currently experiencing problems with the 4s and 8s in the Crystal River Valley. We believe that the problem is coming from our Sunlight towers. Techs hope to get up there this week to check it out.


Thomasville TV is up and working. Please rescan in order to update your TV with the latest fixes performed on the Thomasville tower.

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  • Funding for this service comes from a dedicated Pitkin County mill levy of 0.374. The cost to the taxpayer is $1.42 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.
  • Translator Advisory Board (TAB)

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To report problems with the system, please call 920-5395 or email us. Please provide the nature of the outage, your location and a call back number; someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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