TV/FM Translator Services

The Pitkin County TV/FM Translator maintains and operates a mountain top translator system that re-broadcasts FM radio and television signals to residents of Pitkin County and other portions of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Maintenance and Outages:


Broadband is coming your way. Contact the Internet Service Providers listed below.

ISP 2019


We have had some outages of the 4s in Redstone. We checked the Sunlight towers and they are functioning properly. There may be a problem on Elephant but we will have to investigate further before a last ditch effort of a helicopter ride to the site.

The Thomasville site is still down. Staff hope to visit the site by foot weather permitting within the next week to 10 days.


Channels 3-1 and 3-2 are out County wide. These channels are out from the source at Sunlight Peak and not due to our Translator system. We will provide an update as soon as we learn the nature of the outage and the repair timeline."


We did it! After an interesting trip to the Sunlight tower Pitkin County staff have reconfigured equipment on tower, patched the 4's (CBS, FOX, GRIT, ESCAPE).   We hope that this will resolve the County-wide reception issues experienced over the last couple months from excessive snow buildup and freeze/thaw conditions on site. TV viewers who have been experiencing reception problems, particularly with the 4's, may need to perform a re-scan of their TV/channels to see service fully restored.

KSPN on 97.3 and KSNO on 94.9 in Carbondale (and subsequently 98.3 and 103.5 in Redstone, respectively) have been repaired and are back on the air.  We are currently having technical issues with KTND on 100.9 in Carbondale, but hope to have them resolved shortly.


Unfortunately the system is very unstable coming out of Sunlight for the 4s. We think there is moisture getting into connections on the towers. There’s too much snow to get up there right now. We got caught short with Sunlight’s rebuild last fall with early snow. We are hoping this summer build season staff will be able to complete the rebuild, deconstruct the old site and get all the connections fixed. This has been a constant on our radar and we continue to work on possible fixes that can be done without going to the site. This has definitely been a most challenging winter for service. The engineers have an overwhelming amount of work on their schedules and hope to finish it all in a timely manner but sometimes are not able to do that due to unexpected delays, roadblocks or weather.   

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  • Funding for this service comes from a dedicated Pitkin County mill levy of 0.374. The cost to the taxpayer is $1.42 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.
  • Translator Advisory Board (TAB)

Report a Problem

To report problems with the system, please call 920-5395 or email us. Please provide the nature of the outage, your location and a call back number; someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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