TV/FM Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Manages:  TV / FM translator services, remote mountain top telecommunications facilities, multi-use RF backhauls and deployments, Pitkin County Broadband Initiative, public safety radio services 

  • Funding for this service comes from a dedicated Pitkin County mill levy of 0.374. The cost to the taxpayer is $1.42 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.

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Maintenance and Outages:


Broadcasting of Colorado Public Radio on 101.5 has been moved from Upper Red Mountain to a tower at the Pitkin County Jail and is now functioning. Please tune in and let us know how the signal is working for you. Staff is confident the signal strength is adequate for all of Aspen to enjoy. Email us at or call 970-920-5395.


Change in plans for the back up to Red Mountain Radio. Staff has decided to move transmission of FM from Upper Red Mtn to the Pitkin County Jail Tower. Equipment must be set up and configured so an estimated time for broadcast is not set. Staff is working diligently to get the FM stations broadcasting again soon. Station call letters will remain the same.


Unfortunately staff has discovered a solar controller at the Upper Red Mountain translator site has died. Staff made a visit to the site today and discovered that the generator was not the only faulty equipment at this site. 

The solar controller carries all the energy to the batteries that operate the translator equipment. The generator is not designed to work full time so is not able to provide power either. This means that the Upper Red Mountain translator site is down until scheduled repairs can happen this summer. We are very disappointed that the system could not function through the scheduled remodel but 50 plus years have caught up to equipment and the old machines just couldn't hang on.

Colorado Public Radio, KVOV, transmission will be transferred to our Jackrabbit tower and broadcast back to Aspen until the summer when the remodel is finished. This transmission will be harder for eastern Aspen to receive therefore we are still recommending that listeners stream Colorado Public Radio on their phones or computers as a temporary alternative .


Our FM broadcasts from the Upper Red Mtn tower in Aspen have been interrupted by a faulty generator that is supposed to kick in when power is low from the solar panels that are covered in snow. This time of year the weather plays a major factor in power at our solar only powered site. The back up propane generator does not want to cooperate and access to the site is very difficult if not impossible in the winter in order to fix the problem. Staff hopes to get up to the site in the next couple of weeks but the continued forecast of snow is creating problems accessing the site. It is possible repairs may not be made until spring, 2021. This site is on the rebuild list for summer 2021 so hopefully it will be more stable by this time next year. In the meantime if you are listening to Colorado Public Radio or KSPN we recommend you stream their broadcasts on your computer or phone at or .


Holy Cross is doing work up the Crystal River on November 18 from 10-2 and will need to shutdown the power to our Elephant tower above Redstone. TV and FM will be down midday and will return when Holy Cross is finished with their repairs.


New Tower above Ruedi providing Broadband, Public Safety Radio and FM Radio to the Upper Frying Pan and Ruedi areas. Contact Pathfinders or Visionary Internet Service Providers for internet service.

Ruedi 10-14-2020 Photo

Report a Problem

To report problems with the system, please call 970-920-5395 or email us. Please provide the nature of the outage, your location and a call back number; someone will contact you within 24 hours