TV/FM Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Manages:  TV / FM translator services, remote mountain top telecommunications facilities, multi-use RF backhauls and deployments, Pitkin County Broadband Initiative, public safety radio services 

  • Funding for this service comes from a dedicated Pitkin County mill levy of 0.374. The cost to the taxpayer is $1.42 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.

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Maintenance and Outages:


Problems with PBS are currently coming from PBS. Staff is working on finding a solution to restore the audio and video.


Thomasville tower has been repaired and stations are working. A rescan maybe necessary.


All the TV services at the Thomasville tower are currently down. Staff are going to go up to the tower, tomorrow morning, Friday, May 15th to attempt to repair the problem.


We have had an equipment failure at Sunlight peak for the channels 7 and 9.  They have been placed on a backup RF frequency, and viewers in the Carbondale area may need to perform a rescan on their TV to pick them up again. Unfortunately this equipment failure also impacts the Thomasville viewers, and staff will have to make repairs to the damaged equipment before the RF signal can be received and translated in Thomasville.


Unfortunately the Channel 3s are out from the source again.Staff is investigating with KREG to find answers to the continued down time of the Channel 3s.


As of 10:15am 4/11/20 the Channel 3s are now working.

After investigation the Channel 3s are down at the source.  We rebroadcast the signal from their transmitter site at Sunlight Peak in Garfield County. This has nothing to do with the Pitkin County translator system. We will inquire as to when they can investigate the issue and make repairs.

We believe the outage occurred after business hours Friday when staff are no longer working. However, we will try to get an update on the website this weekend. 


Friday night’s snow storm brought power outages and equipment malfunctions at our Sunlight and Williams towers. 

Viewers receiving reception from Williams should be back online. Please rescan your TV and all the channels should come back up. Let us know if you do not have channels by email or phone (listed on this site)

Viewers off the Sunlight tower should rescan. If there is a problem receiving channels, please call or email.

Viewers off the Thomasville tower are not going to be able to get channels that were formally coming from Sunlight due to an equipment malfunction. This will not be fixed until staff can get to Sunlight and Thomasville. This work is not scheduled soon due to the COVID-19 crisis and the weather. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Due to the COVID 19 situation the  Pitkin County Telecommunications office in Basalt is closed until the end of March. If you need assistance we can be reached at 970-925-5395. Leave a message and someone will get back with you promptly.


Good news this year, the USFS has approved our plans to install a tower above Ruedi reservoir. Per regulations protecting the environment and wildlife we will not be able to start construction until August 1, 2020. This tower will bring much needed public safety radio to the upper Frying Pan Valley.


Jackrabbit problems have been restored. Please rescan your TV to correct the previous errors.

Additionally, KREG has increased their channel lineup, and in addition to H&I and Movies, viewer should now be able to see:

3-1 H&I

3-2 MeTV

3-3 StartTV

3-4 Decades

3-5 Movies!

Happy New Year

Report a Problem

To report problems with the system, please call 970-920-5395 or email us. Please provide the nature of the outage, your location and a call back number; someone will contact you within 24 hours