Water Well Permits

A large number of residences in Pitkin County receive water from private wells. The Colorado Division of Water Resources, through the state engineer, issues water well permits. Every new well in the state that diverts ground water must have a permit. Applications and instructions for obtaining a well permit are available online.
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Well drillers and pump installers in Colorado are required to be licensed. Information on licensed contractors is made available by the state online. Unlike the inspection programs that exist for buildings, there is currently no inspection or certification program in place for well construction; however, the state has provided water well construction rules.

Unlike public water supplies, the responsibility for assuring a safe supply of water from private wells rests solely with the property owner. In Colorado, there are no regulatory standards governing the water quality of private wells and Pitkin County does not test its residents' well water. There are several private water laboratories in the state (PDF) which perform water testing.

Additional Information

  • Well Loan Program (PDF)
    This document contains information on low interest loans for well construction and repair.
  • Private Wells (PDF)
    This document from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment contains information about private wells and potential ground water pollutants and identifies basic steps that property owners should take to maintain the safety of their drinking water.
  • EPA - Private Drinking Water Wells
    On this website, the U.S. EPA provides basic information on drinking water from private wells and answers frequently asked questions about water quality testing.
  • Well Permit Guide (PDF)
    This document is the Colorado Department of Natural Resources Division of Water Resources' guide to well permits, water rights and water administration. It describes the types of well permits available from the state engineer and outlines some basic questions any prospective property buyer should ask about a well.
  • Wellowner.org
    This is the National Groundwater Association's information website for private wells owners. This website contains information on well maintenance and water testing.