Mission & Values

As public servants, we work in the public trust to ensure quality of life and experience in Pitkin County for present and future generations.

Organizational Values
Pitkin County embraces the following values to promote public trust and confidence in county government.

We strive to leave our natural environment, community, public assets, and organization in better condition than we found them for current and future generations.

We hold ourselves to high standards of honesty and dependability in the conduct of county business.

We are committed to providing quality services that are accessible, accurate and innovative to meet our community’s needs.

We work together as employees and with citizens and other government, non-profit and private sector organizations helping each other succeed in promoting and achieving the public’s goals.

Open Communication
We are committed to listening to our citizens and partners and to giving accurate and timely information.

Positive Work Environment
We appreciate dedicated and knowledgeable employees and support their professional and personal growth.