Purchasing / Procurement


Pitkin County's goal is to provide for public confidence in the county purchasing procedures, ensure fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the county, provide increased economy in procurement activities, maximize the purchasing value of public funds of the county, foster competition, and to provide safeguards for a procurement system of quality and integrity.

BidNet Direct
Pitkin County is part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, which is a bid notification system being utilized by many government agencies in Colorado and Wyoming. Participating agencies post their bids, quotes, requests for proposal, construction notices, addendums, and awards all on this one centralized system.


Vendors who wish to do business with Pitkin County are encouraged to register on this system. There is no charge to join and search for bids. Vendors may also sign up for automatic bid notification service that is available for a fee. By choosing the notification option, vendors will receive emails once Pitkin County has a bid opportunity that matches the company's services.

Pitkin County looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation. Visit the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Vendor Registration if you would like to register. If you need help registering, please call the support department toll free 800-835-4603, Monday through Friday, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (MT).


The names of all formal proposals are published in the Aspen Daily News newspaper on Mondays.

Bid Lists

The county is not required to maintain bid list.