Human Resources & Risk Management


The Pitkin County Human Resources & Risk Management Department supports the County’s mission to provide valued and high quality services supporting the health, safety and well-being of people and the natural environment. We are committed to providing strategic, innovative, and flexible policies, practices, programs, and services that:

  • Attract, develop, reward, and retain a diverse and talented workforce
  • Foster a productive work environment that inspires pride in service excellence
  • Respond to the changing nature of work and the workplace environment
  • Add value, and reflect responsible and accountable stewardship of County assets
  • Are honest, respectful, fair, ethical, and legally compliant


Our strategic aspiration is to create an environment where passion prevails, partnerships thrive, and people excel.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles help keep us focused on being customer-centric and on bringing the varied talents of the HR team to bear. We are here:

To serve our customers
  • Providing HR’s best thinking and practices, advice, and counsel
  • Collaborating with one another as we scope the work
  • Delivering timely service
  • Enabling them to make sound decisions
To serve and support one another
  • Providing advice, counsel, and information
  • Leveraging and sharing resources, ideas, and talents
  • Valuing continuous improvement
  • Communicating respectfully, openly, and collaboratively
To provide service and support that is
  • Respectful, responsive, timely, and accountable
  • Solutions-oriented, flexible, creative, and resourceful
  • Highly knowledgeable, informative, and accurate
  • Truthful and ethical

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