To provide, to all of our customers, prompt and accurate financial services, information and planning in a fiscally responsible manner



The Finance Department is responsible for accounting and reporting, including; accounts payable, accounts receivable, grant administration, financial compliance, and internal accounting controls.


The department coordinates the development of the county budget and financial projections. Oversees the appropriations process.
  1. Sales Tax
  2. Tobacco Tax

The Pitkin County Finance Department coordinates the collection of the county's 0.5% (one half of one percent) use tax on construction and building material. Anyone doing construction and building work in Pitkin County can obtain a Use Tax Certificate and must pay a Use Tax Deposit. The Finance Department issues County Use Tax Certificates records county use tax returns and performs administrative and enforcement/audit functions.

Financial Transparency Tool: is meant to promote transparency and communicate the county’s priorities to the public and the County Commissioners.

Pitkin County Finance has launched a new tool that allows the public to view summary information about the county’s finances such as how the county receives revenue and where it’s allocated. The Pitkin County dashboard on includes up-to-date information on the proposed 2023 budget, including projected revenues and budgeted expenses for each county fund.

The online tool features summary information such as salaries and wages for a department; year-over-year sales tax revenue comparisons; and eventually, operating indicators for departments, like percent of property taxes collected by the Treasurer’s Office.

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