The Colorado Noxious Weed Act (§ 35-5.5-101, C.R.S. (2009), et seq.):
  • States that certain invasive weeds pose a threat to the continued economic and environmental value of the land in Colorado;
  • Designates these weeds as "noxious" in Colorado;
  • Mandates their management by all landowners in the state. 
Enforce its Term
The act contains specific provisions empowering the county to enforce its terms (including without limitation §§ 35-5.5-108.5, -109, and -110).  The Pitkin County Land manager, Code Enforcement Officer, and Sheriff, and their respective designees, have been designated by the county as "authorized agents" for this purpose.

Enforcement Flow Chart
The Pitkin County Enforcement Flow Chart (PDF) generally illustrates the sequence of enforcement activities currently set fort in the act. Please note that this chart is provided for illustrative purposes only, and does not supersede the provisions of the act, whose terms will control over any inconsistency that may be depicted in the flow chart.