Areas of Interest

Pitkin County supports non-profit organizations that provide a range of health care and human services to the citizens and workers of the county. This includes programs that address health care education and outreach, prevention, intervention and treatment. Access to services for all, regardless of a client's ability to pay, is valued and encouraged.

Programs Emphasized

Emphasis is given to programs and services outlined in the November 2011 ballot referendum, including:
  • Protective and supportive services for children, youth and families
  • Support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Services for children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Care for the terminally ill
  • Mental health counseling
  • Drug and alcohol counseling and abuse prevention
  • Programs for seniors
  • Preventive health services for lower-income families
  • Programs that conserve a healthy environment
Strengthening Quality of Life
Non-profit organizations that are dedicated to working together to strengthen the quality of life in Pitkin County are eligible to apply for grant funding from Pitkin County's Healthy Community Fund. Community non-profit organizations outside the field of health and human services that address community problems, enrich the quality of life in Pitkin County and serve the community goals listed below are also eligible to apply.

Requirements & Exceptions

Applicants must be tax exempt under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The Healthy Community Fund provides general operating support for eligible non-profit applicants.

Pitkin County does not fund capital projects, the arts, day care centers, one time sports events, or other grant-making foundations or organizations which distribute funds to recipients of their own selection.

Community Goals

Programs that receive funding promote and achieve the following Community Goals:
  1. Family and Youth Well-being - Promote the social, emotional and economic well-being of families and youth.
  2. Physical Health - Promote the preventive, palliative, and primary health needs of individuals and families.
  3. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention - Promote the psychological well-being of individuals, provide treatment and promote prevention of substance abuse.
  4. The Well-being of Seniors - Provide a variety of physical, social, and educational activities for seniors.
  5. Cultural, Recreational, and Educational Treasures - Promote and optimize the quality of life for residents and employees in Pitkin County.
  6. Environmental Quality - Enhance and sustain the natural resources in Pitkin County and the Roaring Fork Valley.