Click the link below for the Press Release concerning the Whitewater Wave and Streamside Project


Colorado River Water Conservation District and West Divide Water Conservancy District

Application to make conditional water rights partially absolute and for finding of reasonable diligence  May 2011

BOCC Agenda Item Summary and Resolution authorizing the filing of
statement of opposition.

Final Decree

Aspen Journalism 
The Phantom Dams of the Crystal River


​City of Aspen  Hydro Electric Power Plant

Pitkin County's letter to the City of Aspen re: FERC application  January 21, 2011

Community Mediation Report May 25, 2011

Expert Reports
Greg Espegren - Aquatic Specialist
Lee Rozaklis -  AMEC Environment & Infrastructure
Sarah Klahn - Esq.  White & Janowski LLP