The duty of the elected coroner is to conduct comprehensive investigations of all unattended deaths in the county. The coroner complies with statutory reporting requirements by establishing manner of death, providing scene investigation and identification of the deceased, notification of next of kin and death certificate preparation.


Pronounce and establish time of death - Only a physician or the Coroner may pronounce a death.

Scene investigation - Colorado law is specific that the body of a deceased person may not be moved until the coroner has responded to the death and conducted the investigation.

Take custody (of the body) - Colorado law states it is the responsibility of the coroner to see that the body is removed from the scene.

Ensure positive identification of the deceased - Identification and notification of the next of kin.

Discovery of Remains - Remains that are complete or partial are sometimes found, thus the coroner must follow certain statutory obligations notifying other state agencies.

  1. Death Records
Colorado Department of Health has records from 1910 to present. You may obtain copies of birth and death records online, in person, by fax or mail.