About the Crystal River Caucus

crystal river photo

The Crystal River Caucus area is located in the Pitkin County portion of the Crystal River watershed. 


John Emerick, Chair 

Bill Argeros, Vice-Chair 
Margaret Munn Hammel, Secretary
Phil Youngman, Treasurer
Stacey Bernot
Edie Engstrom
Kate Hudson
Maciej Mrotek, Alternate


  Meetings are held are held on the second Thursday of odd numbered months at 7:00 p.m. In-person meetings are held at the Church of Redstone, on the Boulevard.  However, due to concerns regarding CoVid-19, virtual meetings will be held for the foreseeable future on the Zoom platform.  Meeting links will be sent to all on the Caucus  e-mail list.  Anyone who wants to add their e-mail address to that list may send an e-mail to crcaucus@gmail.com. 


  The membership of the Crystal River Caucus shall consist of all the qualified electors who reside in the caucus area together with the non-resident owners of real property with the caucus area.  It is the responsibility of all Crystal River Caucus members to provide the Crystal River Caucus with up-to-date contact information include e-mail and post-addresses.  

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