Community Information for Crystal River Caucus

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Crystal River Caucus Wildlife and Habitat Report – 2007

Riparian and Wildlife Impacts from Construction of the Lower Crystal River Recreational Trail, Garfield and Pitkin Counties

What is a Wild and Scenic Designation

Wild and Scenic Rivers – Proposed Act

U.S. Forest Prescribed Burn - May, 2019 Presentation


The Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for today, June 14th at 4:00 at the Church at Redstone.  The only item on the agenda is "Wild and Scenic Designation on the Crystal River".  

Steven Bennett, Field Manager, Bureau of Land Management RE:  BOCC Comments - Review of CRVRMP Draft Environmental Impact Statement – 01-17-2012

Duane Gaymon RE:  Relocation of Materials Dumped at Placita and Revegetation of the Impacted Area 04-10-2008

Scott Fitzwilliams, Forest Supervisor RE:  White River Oil and Gas Comments – Undated

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