Can you serve this person now?
We will not give special treatment to any one person or attorney's office. To do so would be in violation of state statute. We will serve the papers as they are submitted to our office and we will not make any service a priority if we have others that were subsequently received and have not yet been executed. A private process server may be contacted for more expedited service.

Service Exceptions:

Temporary / Permanent Protection Orders are served immediately.

If after 5:00 p.m. or weekends, contact the Aspen / Pitkin Communications Center (dispatch) at 970-920-5310.

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1. I can't find an address for the person I need to serve. Can you find them for me?
2. Can you serve this person now?
3. I just paid a filing fee for the court, why do I have to pay your office to have my documents served?
4. How many attempts will you make on a service?