Who do I need to inform of my newly assigned address?
Pitkin County will inform local Public Safety Agencies of the Address Assignment.

For notifying the post office of your new address, see their website: http://faq.usps.com/

It is the responsibility of property owners to notify tenants of said property of any address changes.

You need to notify parties with whom you correspond that your address has changed.

The parties that you should notify may include:
-Utility Companies (Electric / Gas / Sewer / Cable / Satellite TV / Broadband Internet)
-Telephone Company
-Trash Removal Company
-Regular home care service providers (property management, lawn care, snow removal, etc.)
-Alarm Company (home, personal or medical alert system)
-Mortgage Company
-Bank / Credit Union
-Credit Card Companies
-Insurance Companies (auto, home/renters, life, workers comp, etc.)
-Department of Motor Vehicles
-County Clerk and Recorder’s Office / Voter Registration
-County Assessor Office
-Schools (for you and/or children)
-Magazines/Newspapers and Periodicals
-Personal and professional clubs, licensing boards, organizations, and memberships
-Financial advisor/investment firms, Accountant, Attorney
-Places of worship
-Friends and family

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