My temporary tag has/is about to expire, what should I do?

If you are purchasing the vehicle from a dealership and have a lease or a loan, the title paperwork will be sent to the motor vehicle office where you reside. Once the paperwork has been processed by the county clerk and a title complete card is sent to the owner of record. If you have not received a title complete notice, please contact the county. If the county has not received your paperwork you can request an extension of the temporary permit by coming into our office with your proof of Colorado Insurance, and an invoice from the dealership. When you are not purchasing the vehicle through a dealership, you can ask for an extension of the temporary tag. Please come into our office and bring in secure and verifiable identification, the title signed over to you from the seller. If you do not have a title yet, please bring in a bill of sale and the seller's last registration. If you have a loan and the title work has not been sent to us by the lien holder, please obtrain a copy of the security agreement to get a temporary permit.

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