What do Ospreys eat?

Ospreys are one of the few raptor species known to eat a diet almost exclusively of fish, often performing a shallow dive to catch them. For this reason, Ospreys nest in close proximity to shallow waters, including lakes, rivers, reservoirs, swamps and marshlands.

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1. What do Ospreys eat?
2. Do Ospreys migrate? If so, where do they go?
3. Are Ospreys endangered?
4. Do Ospreys mate for life?
5. Do Ospreys return to the same nest site every year?
6. When will Ospreys lay their eggs?
7. How many eggs does a female Osprey lay in a season?
8. How long do Osprey eggs need to be incubated?
9. How long does it take for Osprey hatchlings to fledge (leave the nest)?
10. Do the Osprey chicks compete with one another?
11. What are some of the natural dangers to Osprey chicks?
12. How long do Ospreys live?