Are there any times where the use permit requirement would be waived?
Yes, in 5 cases:
  1. A permit will be waived if each OWTS on the property received final approval for an OWTS construction permit from the Environmental Health Department within the 5-year period preceding the date of closing on the real estate transaction or issuance of building permit
  2. A permit will be waived if, following inspection, a construction permit has been issued by the Environmental Health Department for each noncompliant OWTS on the property and the buyer has agreed in a writing acceptable to the department to assume the applicant’s obligations under the permit and to complete the necessary repair / construction within the time frame dictated by the permit.
  3. A permit will be waived if the department, at its discretion, waives the requirement where warranted by a particular fact or situation, such as a buyer that agrees to demolish an existing dwelling and abandon the existing OWTS within a defined time period.
  4. A permit will be waived if the valuation of a building permit remodel/addition does not exceed $30,000 and will not increase the number of bedrooms or proposed water use and is consistent with previously permitted uses.
  5. A permit will be waived if the proposed construction for a detached structure (e.g., a shed or barn) does not include plumbing (e.g., sink or toilet) that will require an OWTS.

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