I purchased a new vehicle from a dealership and it is financed. What do I do now?

The dealership will send your original paperwork to the county you live in to be processed, in about 4-6 weeks from the purchase date. You will be sent a title complete notice (card) from our office. 1.What is a title complete notice? If a new vehicle has been purchased and or financed, the dealership or financial institution submits the title work to the motor vehicle office. Once the title has been processed, a title complete notice is mailed to notify the vehicle owner(s) that the plates can now be purchased and/or transferred. Please come in with the title complete notice, secure and verifiable ID, and proof of Insurance. Registration from a car you sold to get any credit toward the new vehicle. You may use the old plates, only if they are personalized or a specialty plate, or get a new set for additional fees. Or give us a call at 970-429-2717 we may be able to process your initial registration over the phone and mail you the registration/plates.

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5. I purchased a new vehicle from a dealership and it is financed. What do I do now?
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