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Property Sale/Remodel Use Permit Application

  1. Please Note: Each OWTS System must be submitted individually. If there are additional systems on the property, additional applications are required.

  2. If closing date is less than 2 weeks from application submittal date, Use Permit may not be issued prior to closing date.

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    By selecting SUBMIT, I certify that I am the owner or representative with the legal authority to agree to the conditions of this permit, the above information is complete and accurate, and that I have provided complete and accurate information in all of the documents included in my application package. I acknowledge that this department may revoke any permit I am issued if my application is found to contain any inaccurate, false, or misleading information.

  11. Building Permit Instructions

    If this application is part of a building permit application, please bring a copy of this application to your building Pre-Submittal meeting. To get a copy, either enter your email address to receive a copy of your application, or select "Submit and Print" below.

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