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Pitkin County Open Space & Trails Permit Application

  1. Fee, Insurance and Reporting Requirements

    PERMIT FEES: There is a $165 fee to process commercial permits. Unmodified permits may be renewed annually for $55. The boat ramp fee for commercial use is $55. In addition, user fees are collected for guided fishing, guided rafting and North Star Nature Preserve uses. The fee for private use of Redstone and Elk parks is $55. Permit fees are waived for events organized by nonprofits or for the sole benefit of a nonprofit, but an event permit is still required. INSURANCE REQUIREMENT: Applicant must provide a certificate of liability insurance naming Pitkin County as additional insured. The required limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate. This requirement is waived for some events at Redstone Park and Elk Park. REPORTING REQUIREMENT: All commercial and event permits require applicant to report actual user numbers to Open Space and Trails at conclusion of event or season of use.

  2. What Happens When You Submit an Application

    Permit applicants will receive a confirmation when application is submitted. Follow-up response from Pitkin County Open Space and Trails may include a request for more information, suggested modification to proposed use, issuance of the requested permit or permit denial for reasons that will be explained. Permits issued by Open Space and Trails typically include restrictions that are specific to individual properties or trails and requirements that are specific to proposed uses. Permits must be signed and returned to Open Space and Trails via mail or email. The required certificate of liability insurance may be emailed. Permit fees may be mailed or dropped off in person at: Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, 530 E Main St., Aspen CO 81611. Instruction on payment via credit card will be provided with issuance of a permit.

  3. To Reach Open Space and Trails
    Email questions to or call 970-920 5232.
  4. Type of Permit*
  5. I would like a permit for:*
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  6. Location of Activity:*

    Note: Choose all that apply. Unlisted trails are either closed to commercial use/special events or not within Open Space and Trails' jurisdiction. Consult the online map at for guidance on trail locations and jurisdictions. Not all uses are allowed at all locales.

  7. For event permit, YOU MUST indicate anticipated group size and entry fees. Provide written description of route or use document upload. For commercial permit applications, YOU MUST indicate dates/times or months of use, anticipated number of outings per site and anticipated group size per outing (including guides and clients). NOTE: In some cases, permit will restrict group size, uses per day and months of operation, based on property-specific regulations.

  8. Combine any additional materials into one pdf or Word document and upload it here. This may include route maps, safety plans, a certificate of liability insurance and information about staff involved in the proposed use and their pertinent training or certifications. Commercial boating operators must provide a copy of their current River Outfitter License.

  9. Other Information

    For any checked boxes, please explain in your Description of Proposed Use.

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