Weed Advisory Board

2023 Weed Advisory Board Meeting Schedule:

1st Quarter: January 18, 2023
2nd Quarter: April 19, 2023
3rd Quarter: July 19, 2023
4th Quarter: October 18, 2023

All meetings are at 10 am at 76 Service Center Road
The public is welcome; please bring any questions or 
concerns about invasive plant species in Pitkin County.
For more information email land.management@pitkincounty.com

Board Members

  • Jim Lewis
  • Marie Kelly
  • Rachel Bechhoefer 

About the Board

The Weed Advisory Board (WAB) addresses noxious weed issues and ensures compliance with the Colorado Weed Management Act (PDF) of 1990. It reports and advises the BOCC on developing and enforcing the Pitkin County Weed Management Plan, develops the Noxious Weed List that declares noxious weeds and appropriate state noxious weeds designated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to be subjected to integrated weed management, and develops a plan for the integrated management of these noxious weeds.

There is 1 regular member representative from the City of Aspen, Town of Snowmass Village, 3 representatives from unincorporated Pitkin County, and 1 alternate for each area. Each representative must have been a resident of Pitkin County for at least 1 year.

For more information call Romany Iacono at 970-920-5390