Nicotine, Marijuana & Other Substances

Local Tobacco Policies: Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield Counties

Learn more about Local Tobacco Policies - Age of Sale at 21, Tobacco Tax, Retailer Licensing, and Flavor Bans.

2020 Updates to National Tobacco Policies 

  • National Tobacco21 - Nationally, the minimum age of sale for all tobacco products increased from 18 to 21 on December 20, 2019, effective immediately. Information about Tobacco21 here. Information for retailers here.
  • National policy on flavored tobacco - the FDA issued an enforcement policy on "unauthorized flavored cartridge based e-cigarettes", which is effective as of Feb. 1, 2020. FDA update here. This is a requirement for manufacturers to seek approval from the FDA for their products.

Regional Data

Regional data on Nicotine/Tobacco, Marijuana, and Other Substances in the Region, including the Regional Tobacco Focused Community Profile.

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